Katarzyna Kociomyk graduated with Honors from one of the most prestigious Academies of Fine Art in Poland. Mrs. Kociomyk’s paintings are in private collections in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.


“My first oil painting I painted when I was 4 years old. I think that back then I first started to think about becoming a painter. Through painting I was creating my own spaces, and new worlds starting from some small element of reality. That internal and external reality seemed to be my early inspiration. After an Elementary School I applied to a strictly art oriented High School, and near the end of it I was considering studying at one of the best Fine Art Academies in Europe. In October of 1993 I was accepted to Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, and in a matter of weeks I was studying under some of the best art professors in the Country.  I finished the Academy with Honors with a solid technical foundation, extensive knowledge of art history, and a better understanding of the word "artist".


Born, raised, and educated in Poland, Katarzyna Kociomyk came to the United States in December 2009. She opened her studio in a tranquil home in Vermont just few days after her arrival.  In 2015 she moved to rural Indiana, where for two years she was developing new ideas and created new artistic challenges. In 2017 Katarzyna relocated to Santa Barbara, California and since April 2018 she has her new home and studio in Las Vegas, Nevada where she now lives and creates full time.

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